This is a FREE Parents Night Out for children with disabilities and
their siblings!  A snack and drink are provided.

This is by reservation ONLY!  You must contact the front office to make the reservation.

All students that attend Respite must have completed a SOAR assessment with a
K2 Academy coach prior to registering for this event.
You wil need a K2 Academy REGISTRATION FORM, the PRELIMINARY ASSESMENT FORM filled out and submitted online (see below), and
an assessment (via phone call) with one of the S.O.A.R. coaches.

Once the Preliminary Assessment Form has been completed and submitted a S.O.A.R.
A SOAR representative will contact you to set up a time for the assessment.

The SOAR program was created to be all inclusive and provide a recreation outlet to children with disabilities. SOAR stands for Success
and Opportunity Achieved through Recreation.  This program is designed to allow children of all disabilities to be a part of gymnastics and
have a chance to enjoy the sport, as an individual and as a group.

Through the SOAR program your child can excel in gymnastics skills, listening skills and social skills.  Gymnastics is a sport which works
on coordination, balance and strength.  We will work on transition between stations, listening to the teacher and following directions.
The  SOAR  program  offers a wide range of class types.  From One-On-One instruction to Group Classes we have something for every child.
All SOAR students pay an annual membership fee of $30.
$18 per class
In a group SOAR class children with similar disabilities are
paired together with their own shadow. The class is structured
similar to a typical gymnastics classes.  Classes begin with a
warm-up and then rotates to a minimum of 2 stations.  This
class also incorporates cooperative games, obstacle course,
trampolines, pit play and a swing on the SIMMONS FLYER!
$100 monthly / Attend class 1x per week
In a shadow class your child will participate in a typical class
with the aid of their own coach.  Students will be expected to
participate in warm-up, listen to teachers instructions and
rotate with the group with assistance from their coach.  Your
child's instructor will help keep your child on task and modify
stations as needed.
15255 North Eldridge Pkwy
Cypress, TX 77429
(Corner of North Eldridge Pkwy and Louetta,between
Louetta and Malcomson)

Phone: 281-655-7272
15255 North Eldridge Pkwy
(Corner of North Eldridge Pkwy and Louetta,between
Louetta and Malcomson)

Phone: 281-655-7272
Billed monthly: Attend 1x per week
$120 / 30 min     $180 / 45 min     $240 / 60 min
This is a customized one on one lesson with the child.
The lesson is structured to work on specific needs fo the
child that have been determined by the parent/coach.  
The focus is on goals set by the instructor and positive
reinforcement and successful completion of goals.
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I love the SOAR program at K2. The coaches are so
sweet and caring. My son has accomplished so many
skills that had been so difficult for him thanks to the
patience and encouragement of Coach Wendy.
-L. Larson
The SOAR program has been a huge blessing to our
family. The coaches and organizers have been amazing
and are always encouraging. Without SOAR my sons
wouldn't be able to participate in gymnastics. The respites
are a Godsend as well. -S. Stilwell
Soar is an excellent program with kind, caring, loving and
patient coaches for my son. He loves his coach and looks
forward to seeing her each lesson!! I highly recommend
this program for any special needs family!
-J. Chandler