Parking Lot Safety at K2

September 3rd, 2019

Pack your Parking Lot Patience…

for 2 weeks!


The Fall Semester begins today!  As we head into the first week of this term we wanted to remind everyone of a few parking lot safety tips to keep our little athletes and scholars safe at K2!  Getting 100 people an hour turned around in less than 10 minutes isn’t easy…but if everyone keeps a few things in mind it goes very smooth (after the first two weeks, lol!).  We do tend to see schedule changes this week as students change classes to move up and new students joining in the fall and we appreciate your parking lot patience for the first two weeks.


  1. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE FIRE LANE.  You are welcome to drop off your school age child at the front door for their weekly class and then re-enter the parking lot to find a spot.  However, please do not leave your car unattended in the fire lane.  You know your child best…there is no direct supervision of your child as they walk to class.  This option works for some and not for others.  K2 Campus Preschool, Before School Care and After School Care must walk in to check their children in or out.  Curbside pickup is available after 5:30pm.


  1. HANDICAP PARKING. Our handicap parking spaces are utilized heavily. Please be mindful to leave this open for those with handicap tags and to not block these spaces.


  1. LOOK BEFORE YOU BACK UP.  Please keep in mind that all classes let out within 10 minutes of each other.  That means when you leave everyone else is too!  Please always be conscious of little ones walking behind your car as you back up.


  1. ARRIVE EARLY…BUT NOT TOO EARLY.  Arriving 5-7 minutes before class is perfect!  The class before you has left, or is in the process of leaving and spots are available.  If you come too early, they haven’t left yet and there are no spots.  If you come too late, less spots are available and you may feel “stressed” to get your child to class on time!  If you are running late, and you have a responsible school age child, consider dropping them off at the front door and then taking time to find a spot.


  1. OBSERVE OUR ONE-WAY FLOW OF TRAFFIC.  Please check out our Traffic Flow Diagram below. Enter the parking lot thru the driveways and please observe our one way flow from east to west on the concrete and west to east on the gravel.



  1. UTILIZE CURBSIDE PICK-UP.  We encourage K2 Camus Preschool and After School Care Families to utilize curbside pickup after 5:30pm. This will save you from having to find a parking space while you walk in to pick up your child. Curbside pick-up will take about 3 minutes from when you arrive to when your child enters the car, but you can stay in your car for this process.  Look for the curbside pick-up sign either by the playground or front door, depending on the weather.



Thank you for your flexibility over the first two weeks of classes as our athletes, students and parents adjust to a new semester schedule.


Kindest Regards,


Kay Rodgers

President, K2 Academy