K2 Campus’ Kindergarten Prep Preschool Program

August 14th, 2019

K2 Campus’ Kindergarten Prep Preschool Program


K2  is proud to offer a number of different preschool classes to meet the growing needs of our community. A few years ago it became apparent that a large number of parents were interested in a Bridge class for their children. Never a school to shy from a challenge that would prepare children for life beyond our campus, we added what is commonly thought of as a Bridge Room. We call this class our Pre-K/Gold Room and think of it as Kindergarten Prep program.

Choose from the Silver Room or the Gold Room

They are many similarities between our typical 4/5 classroom (Silver Room) and our Gold Room. Both classes meet part-time or full-time, both have a curriculum that is focused on preparing our students for Kindergarten, both classes participate in Gymnastics during the school week, and both are staffed by qualified and caring teachers. Both classes are designed with the Cy-Fair ISD Kindergarten curriculum in mind, while ensuring that all lessons are developmentally appropriate.

The differences really come in the structure of the Gold Room. This option is only available as a 4 or 5 day week. This provides a structure that allows for consistency and increased learning opportunities. Because students are here most of the week, teachers are able to build on lessons from the day before, allowing students to dig deeper into the material. Increased supplemental lessons are provided that may be offered more frequently than our other classrooms where students mix and match throughout the week depending on their schedules. Also, the Gold Room is only available for students who will be entering Kindergarten the following year, in order to meet the developmental needs of this specific age group. The regular attendance provides a more structured routine simply from the nature of kids practicing their schedules and expectations every day.

Reading Classes Offered Too!

Additionally, through our Pre-K Class, we have proudly partnered with Genesis Reading to allow for additional reading preparation for the students in the Gold Room. Genesis Reading works to build fundamental reading skills, setting a strong foundation for students to grow in their year here and beyond.

For more information about our Pre-K/Gold Room, contact us today.  Please fill out the form at the following link to contact the K2 Campus Preschool Director: PRESCHOOL INFORMATION REQUEST

We cannot wait to help your child Have Fun, to Be Kind, and to Do their Best!