K2 Academy Dance / Combos Programs


Jitterbugs : 50min

Jitterbugs is our gymnastics/dance combo class offered to preschoolers age 3-5 years old. In this class kids will learn dance sequences, dance skills and music movement. They will also spend time on our preschool sized gymnastics equipment like bars, beams, tumble tracs and more. The genre of dance changes every 8 weeks. A black strappy leotard, pink footless tights and pink leg warmers are required for this class. No skirts or tutus.

Class Schedule

What should my Jitterbug wear?

-A dance uniform is required for Jitterbugs. It consists of: Black Spaghetti Strap leotard, Pink Footless tights and Pink Leg Warmers ($30+ tax to be ordered at Sidleline Bling)

Class Schedule

K2 Cadets

K2 CADETS is a recreational performance team that gives your gymnast the opportunity to show friends and family their accomplishments in a fun and rewarding way! Click HERE for more information!

Class Schedule

Home school : $45 Monthly

This class is for boys & girls. We will have 2 age groups: 3-5yrs and 6-12yrs. This class teaches gym safety and basic knowledge of all K2 classes.




50MIN $79.00 mo. $119.00 mo.
65MIN $79.00 mo. $119.00 mo
-Membership Fee: $35 All students pay an annual membership fee upon enrollment and then each year on the 1st of their Family enroll date. Max of $70 per family.

Clients must have a Payment Plan Form on file. Fill it out and bring with you to your first class.

-The card you leave on file will be charged on the 1st or the 15th of the month… YOU CHOOSE THE DATE!

What level is best for my child?

-Evaluations are for those kids who have had gymnastics at another gymnastics facility or a returning students that would like to be placed in a Level 2+ class.
-Evaluations will last 5-10 minutes. At the end of the evaluation a K2 coach will advise you on the best fit class for your child.
-Please call or email us schedule an evaluation! 281-655-7272 or frontoffice@k2academy.com

Interested in competitive gymnastics?

-Please call or email Sarah Wallace to schedule an evaluation! 281-655-7272 or swallace@k2academy.com
-Visit TEAM K2 by clicking HERE