School Age Summer Camp: Friends, Flips & FUN!

For students entering Kinder thru 6th grade

A Day in the Life of a Camper!

K2 Campus Summer Camp is the home of Friends, Flips & Fun! Your camper will spend their day utilizing our 24,000 square foot facility exercising their bodies in our gym playing sports-related games and exercising their brain in our classrooms with board games, daily reading time and art.

In the gym we will be swinging from the bars, sliding down inflatables, bouncing on trampolines, swimming across pits and that’s just a small taste of the FUN things the gym offers! Gym Time Fun is scheduled for 3-4 hours per day. The rest of the camp day consists of art and craft time, science experiments, cooking activities, outside play*, snack and lunch, board game time, special in-house activities and weekly off-site field trips.

*Outside play is determined by weather. It it’s too hot we just spend a little more time in the gym that day!

Gold Room: Kinder and 1st Grade

Olympic Village: 2nd-3rd Grade

Leadership: 4th-6th Grade

In our Gold Room we focus on Good Citizenship. With daily classroom jobs and activities that promote teamwork & communication, our young campers thrive on serving others.
Our Olympic Village Room participates in the Be a Buddy Campaign at K2. Each week this group visits and mentors a preschool class to help out with a reading books, a craft, or another planned activity. Students get a say in which age group they mentor and will stay with that group throughout the summer to build relationships with the students in that class.
Our Leadership Group gets 2 field trips each week, 1 community service project each month and a weekly visit to the Parson’s House Retirement Community next door. Our students participate in games with the residents for 45 minutes each week in the Forever Young partnership with Parson’s House. This group structure has a “laid back” vibe with more choices of activities.

K2 Campus Camp Staff

Our camps are taught by compassionate, friendly and educated teachers that LOVE working with children. All K2 Campus Staff are:

FBI Fingerprinted
Back ground checked
CPR/FA trained and certified
Required to have 24-36 hours of continuing education each year

K2 Campus Facility

The K2 Classrooms have their own library area, science/math centers, building and engineering centers and their own private restroom and hand washing sink. Campers will also use our 10,00 square foot gymnastics facility and 7,000 square foot playground.

K2 Campus Summer Camp Pricing

$38 Annual Membership Fee (Family Max of $76)
Pricing includes lunch on Wednesday and Friday.


9am-4pm Camp Day
M-F or M/W/F or T/Th
4 days available upon request

Drop Off and Pick Up Hours:
*Drop off is between 8:50- 9:00am
*Pick up is between 3:50-4:00pm
5 days per week $211 per week
4 days per week $178 per week
3 days per week $150 per week
2 days per week $117 per week

6:30am-6:30pm Camp Day
M-F or M/W/F or T/Th
4 days available upon request

Drop Off and Pick Up Hours:
*Drop off is between 630- 9:00am
*Pick up is between 6:20-6:30pm
5 days per week $235 per week
4 days per week $213 per week
3 days per week $187 per week
2 days per week $144 per week

Camp Registration Packet

We cannot process packets with
missing paperwork:
-Financial info.