School Age Summer Camp: Fun, Friends and Flips!

For students entering Kindergarten thru 7th grade


A Day in the Life of a Camper!

K2 Campus Summer Camp is the home of Fun, Friends and Flips! Your camper will spend their day utilizing our 10,000 square foot gymnastics facility to play sports-related games. We will be swinging from the bars, sliding down inflatables, bouncing on trampolines, swimming across pits and that’s just a small taste of the FUN things the gym offers!Gym Time Fun is filled in with daily art and craft time, science experiments, cooking activities, outside play*, snack and lunch of course, game time, special in-house activities and weekly off-site field trips.

K2 Campus is an electronics-free zone** so your child will spend their day imagining, playing and laughing with friends!

*Outside play is determined by weather. It it’s too hot we just spend a little more time in the gym that day!

** K2 shows a daily movie during lunch/down time each day. Students can choose to watch the movie, draw, play board games or pick from a variety of other classroom activities. However, students are not allowed to bring in outside electronics.


1st and 2nd Grade

3rd and 4th Grade

5th-7th Grade


K2 Campus Camp Staff

Our camps are taught by compassionate, friendly and educated teachers that LOVE working with children. All K2 Campus Staff are:
– FBI Fingerprinted
– Back ground checked
– CPR/FA trained and certified
– Required to have 24-36 hours of continuing education each year

K2 Campus Facility

The K2 Classrooms have their own library area, science/math centers, building and engineering centers and their own private restroom and hand washing sink. Campers will also use our 10,00 square foot gymnastics facility and 7,000 square foot playground.

K2 Campus Summer Camp Pricing

Pricing includes lunch on Wednesday and Friday.


9am-4pm Camp Day
M-F or M/W/F  or  T/Th
4 days available upon request


Drop Off and Pick Up Hours:
*Drop off is between 8:50- 9:00am
*Pick up is between 3:50-4:00pm
5 days per week $201 per week
4 days per week $170 per week
3 days per week $144 per week
2 days per week $113 per week

6:30am-6:30pm Camp Day
M-F or M/W/F  or  T/Th
4 days available upon request


Drop Off and Pick Up Hours:
*Drop off is between 630- 8:50am
*Pick up is between 6:20-6:30pm
5 days per week $230 per week
4 days per week $203 per week
3 days per week $180 per week
2 days per week $139 per week
-The Fine Print
* Membership must be current ($35)* All students entering 1st-7th grade will have the option to attend an off-campus field trip on Fridays.* The costs of Field trips and some Special Activities are not included in the daily rates listed above. (Prices range from $2.00-$20.00)* Please pack a ready to each lunch, clearly labeled with child’s name each day he/she attends camp. (Except on days lunch is provided)* Lunch is provided on Wednesday and Friday. Check website and parent information board for menu.* Every camper should wear comfortable, athletic apparel to camp each day.* If camper becomes ill at camp that he/she must be picked up in a timely manner.* Campers may not use electronics of any kind at K2 Academy Camp unless instructed by teacher.* Parent will be notified of an injury to camper with an incident report as well as a phone call if the injury is not resolved by simple first aid procedures or one application of an ice pack.* ALL campers must wear their K2 shirt on Fridays. If camper does not wear his/her shirt to camp on Friday and he/she is attending the field trip, he/she will be given a shirt to wear and your account will be charged $15 for the shirt.

* School age campers will only be allowed to attend a field trip if all waivers have been filled out completely and signed.

* K2 has the authority to send a child home if his or her behavior creates an unsafe environment for other children and or staff.

* Tuition is due prior to camper attending a day of camp.

* There is an early/late fee of $10/hor if camper is dropped off before his/her regular drop off time or picked up after his/her regular pick up time. This rate increases to a $1 a minute after 6:30 pm.

We cannot process packets with missing paperwork, signatures or financial info.
Click Here for Registration Forms
* All applicable registration fees and t-shirt fees are due in full at time of registration.
-Payment Plan Form:
* All campers must have a PPF on file. This form is included in your Registration Packet. *Credit card will be charged according to the date you chose on the Payment Plan Form.
-Drop/Add Change Requests:
*There is a change fee of $10/day for camp date changes made after June 1st. * Notifications of a date change must be received
by Monday (7 days) prior to the week of camp. Notifications any time after Monday will result in a forfeit of the entire weeks
tuition.*We do not offer make up classes for missed Summer Camp days. *There are no refunds for camp, but account credit can be given when proper notifications is received.
*For more information please see our Camp Handbook…