Weekly Classes

Gymnastics, Ninja and Tumbling.

Birthday Parties

Flip 'N Fun and Worry Free! Choose from Gymnastics, Cheer or Nerf themed parties!

Year-Round Preschool & After School Care

A S.T.E.A.M school for children ages 18months-12years old.

Summer Camp

Weekly Themes, Field Trips and Fitness-Focused Fun.

At K2 we HAVE FUN!

With an opportunity for FUN through learning with the use of cooperative games, props and the challenge of learning new skills. K2 will leave your little athlete asking ‘Is Today Gymnastics?’

At K2 we ARE KIND!

We understand that part of coaching your little athlete means teaching them about kindness towards others, sharing and communicating effectively with their peers. The foundation we help establish will lead to lifelong Friendships and great teamwork.


We give our students daily challenges and reward their successes, both big and small. The encouraging method of coaching creates an environment that promotes the decision-making process and helps create responsible leaders.

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Why Choose K2Academy

Customer Service


Our Customer Care Team knows our services backwards and forwards. We can answer the questions you didn't even know you had.


Reach us by phone or email during all operating hours. Plus, our online registration is open 24/7.


We take time to listen to your requests so we can help you correctly the first time.

Employee Development

Continuing Education

We train our staff thoroughly upon hire and then with bi-monthly continued education for the remainder of their career at K2.

Background Checks & Safe Sport Training

All employees are FBI fingerprinted and background checked. Plus, all staff receive training on Safe Teacher-Student Relationships and/or SafeSport Training.


Our staff love kids and it shows in their fun, creative and positive interactions with your child.

Our Location

15255 North Eldridge Pkwy Cypress,
Tx 77429

Phone Number

281-655-7272 / 281.655.7273

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Operating Hours

Mon to Fri 6:30am to 8pm and Sat 10am to 3pm