Success and Opportunities Achieved through Recreation. Our SOAR program is designed to allow children of all disabilities to be included in a recreational outlet. Through the SOAR program your child can excel in gymnastics skills, listening skills, as well as social skills. The sport of gymnastics is a great way to help your child work on confidence, coordination, balance and strength.SOAR Program Class types

 1:1 is a private lesson customized uniquely around your child. The first two weeks we get to know the gym, build trust with one another, and explore different equipment. From there we begin each week doing something fun that the child enjoys to get them in the gym, and engaged. After a brief warm-up, we stretch, and get loose before getting to work. Each week we try and visit different parts of the gym, and work on old, and new skills through positive reinforcement. The last few minutes I like to let them choose one last thing they really want to do before they leave. I believe if they start, and end the class with their choice, they will be excited to look forward to coming back each week. We have availabilities for 1:1 for all ages! 

In shadow class your child will join a typical class with the aid of their own coach. They participate with the class, and follow along to the lesson plan. The "shadow" is there to provide encourage ment, extra hands on, modify any skills if needed, help stay on task. The shadow is also there for the student if they become overwhelmed and need to take a brief break. The shadow focuses solely on your child to help them reach their full protentional, so the lead coach can manage the class. 

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What our families have to say!


I love the SOAR program at K2. The coaches are so sweet and caring. My son has accomplished so many skills that had been so difficult for him thanks to the patience and encouragement of Coach Wendy.
-L. Larson
The SOAR program has been a huge blessing to our family. The coaches and organizers have been amazing and are always encouraging. Without SOAR my sons wouldn’t be able to participate in gymnastics. The respites are a Godsend as well.
-S. Stilwell
Soar is an excellent program with kind, caring, loving and patient coaches for my son. He loves his coach and looks forward to seeing her each lesson!! I highly recommend this program for any special needs family!
-J. Chandler