We are proud to introduce a new era in recreational gymnastics… K2 CADETS is a recreational performance team that gives your gymnast the opportunity to show friends and family their accomplishments in a fun and rewarding way! Just like the soccer players and t-ballplayers get to do during their Saturday games… We feel it is important for our gymnasts to have that same sense of accomplishment. At the Skill Meets each gymnast will perform a short routine of three skills on each of the four Olympic events. They will be “judged” on their individual performances; participants will receive a ribbon for each event based on their ability to complete each skill, as well as an all-around medal.


Who Can Be A K2 Cadet?

All girls ages 3-13 enrolled in our gymnastics programs.
Gymnasts in our Pre-Team K2 and Rec Level 4+ programs are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled into the K2 Cadets Program and will be charged accordingly.  You do have the option to “opt out” of any competition.

Requirements and Time Commitment

-Meets are held at K2 Academy as well as other facilities in the greater Houston area.

-We will be holding FREE Cadet Camps (extra practices) on the Friday night before a meet. We highly encourage each participant to attend this extra class. We will focus these practices on skills meet routines, meet etiquette – such as marching in, saluting the judges and how the event will run in general. This class will help to make your child more comfortable and confident at the actual meet

-K2 Cadets do have a required leotard. This leotard will be ordered through Sideline Bling. (scroll down)

How to earn your Stars & Stripes

Gymnasts have the opportunity to advance through the K2 Cadets program by receiving all purple ribbons at a competition. This will not
affect their class placement at K2 Academy, only their level at their next K2 Cadets performance.


How Do I Become K2 Cadet

Attend your regular weekly gymnastics class.
Level 4+ and Pre-Team K2 gymnasts are automatically enrolled!

Classes offered Mon-Saturday

Pick your Performance Meets.

See schedule below

It’s really that easy!


Performance Meets: $45.00 each

-Charged month of performance

Performance Leotard* (required):

– Girls K2 Cadet Leotard : $55

Pre-Team leotard: $65.00+

(required for Rising/Shining/Shooting Stars)
*Purchased at Sideline Bling

If you have additional questions regarding this program, PLEASE email us and we will get back to you within 48 hours…


2023-2024 MEET DATES

Saturday, November 11th
@Texas Star (Tomball)

Sunday, December 09th
@Maximum (The Woodlands)

Saturday, January 20th
@Discover (Houston)

Saturday, February 24th
@Rowland Ballard (Kingwood)

Saturday, March 23rd
@K2 Academy (Cypress)

Saturday, April 27th
@ Texas Star (Tomball)