K2 Campus Preschoolers ROCK and we know it!

June 28th, 2019

Preschoolers rock and we know it!
Which is why here at K2, camp is not just for the big kids, preschoolers are able to participate and have a fun filled summer as well!
Weeks before camp their teachers spent hours preparing their lesson plans, and now that we are three weeks in, the campers have been able to enjoy amazing activities during,
Circle Time, Language and Reading, Math, Shapes and Colors, Science, Music and Movement, Pre-Writing Activities, Fine Motor Training, and Social studies!

Aside from a few additional activities, preschool summer camp is not much different from the school year program.
We have incorporated some of the same curriculums from our school year preschool program into the camp lesson plans so that our campers
have the ability to exercise their learning muscles and improving life skills much like helper roles, such as, Circle Time Helper, Door Helper, Line Leader and Lunch Time Helper.
These past few weeks have been full of learning and fun for our preschoolers and our teachers are loving every minute of having the opportunity
to pour as much information into their campers in the most fun possible ways.

“This summer has gone really well so far,” Nelly Pickett the lead teacher in the 4-year-old silver room says. “The camping theme this month has been so fun.
What I love most are the centers, we have the opportunity to teach the campers about camping, camping equipment and different animals.”

Our preschoolers are having a blast and are enjoying every minute of camp here at K2!