Olympic Adventure Summer Camp: June 3-7, Week 1- Gobbeldy Greek!

April 4th, 2024

Olympic Adventure Summer Camp: June 3-7, Week 1- Gobbeldy Greek!
In other words… ALL THINGS GREEK. Why? Because that is where the Olympics started, so what better way to start this Summer Camp?

Ever imagined traveling back in time to the glory days of Ancient Greece, taking part in thrilling Olympic games, and engaging with legendary myths and cultures? This summer Week 1 of our K2 Olympic Adventure Camp offers you an enriching journey like never before!

Embark on a thrilling adventure steeped in Greek culture, history, and mythology. Whether you’re a novice historian or a seasoned camper, our immersive activities will provide a summer experience that’s as educational as it is fun.

We kick-start our journey with interactive craft sessions, where you’ll create your own Greek Pottery Vase using the age-old art of Paper Mache. This hands-on activity not only taps into your artistic abilities but also provides an interesting look into the world of ancient Greek pottery.

Next, channel your inner artist with our Trojan Horse Drawing Lesson. Delve into the legendary tale of the Trojan War as you sketch this iconic symbol of deception and strategy. This art lesson is bound to stir your imagination and spark your creativity.

One of the highlights of our camp is our Medusa Inspired Art session. Fusing history with mythology, this unique activity will challenge your creative skills as you craft artwork inspired by the infamous Gorgon.

And what’s a Greek adventure without a traditional Toga Day? Dress up in togas and experience firsthand the attire that was popular in Ancient Greece. This fun-filled day promises plenty of laughter and delightful photo opportunities!

Amidst all the activities, don’t forget to refuel with a delicious meal. Our menu includes mouth-watering pita bread and hummus, allowing you to sample the flavors of Greece right here at camp.
In addition to these exciting activities, the camp offers a plethora of other GREEK activities guaranteed to keep you engaged and entertained throughout the week.

Ready to dive into an unforgettable summer adventure? Download the registration forms today and get enrolled in the K2 Olympic Adventure Camp. Spots are filling FAST. There are only a handful of Kindergarten-1st grade spots remaining! Remember, opportunities like these don’t come along every day, so grab your spot now and join us for a Greek summer like no other!