Olympic Adventure Summer Camp: June 10-14, Week 2: Destination Station!

April 11th, 2024

Olympic Adventure Summer Camp: June 10-14, Week 2: Destination Station!

The Olympic Games have taken place is over 19 countries and this week we are going immerse ourselves into a few of them! Embark on a cultural journey with us, as we traverse the globe and give you authentic experiences from some of the world’s most vibrant cities. This week we will explore Mexico City, Beijing, London, Rio, and Tokyo through crafts, foods, and activities.

First stop, we land in the bustling city of Mexico City (1968). Dive into the colorful heritage by crafting your own piñata and shaking some maracas. But the adventure doesn’t end there. Get a taste of traditional Mexican cuisine with homemade quesadillas and the ever-popular chips and queso.

Next, we fly to the heart of China – Beijing (2008). Here, let your creativity run wild as you make your own dragon and try your hand at banner painting. Don’t forget the fortune cookies! For a unique twist on a traditional dish, try making fruit sushi.

Our journey then takes us to the charming city of London (2012). Get crafty by creating your own London bus or building a miniature London Bridge. Immerse yourself in the British food culture with homemade scones and indulgent British chocolates.

The next destination is the lively city of Rio (2016). Sync with the rhythms of nature as you make a rain stick, craft a vibrant Brazilian parrot, and recreate the Brazilian flag. Don’t miss out on the Pão de queijo, a popular cheese bread that’s a crowd-pleaser amongst locals and travelers alike.

Finally, we arrive in Tokyo, the host city of the 2020 Olympics. Embrace Japanese artistry by crafting origami sumo wrestlers and trying your hand at traditional Japanese woodblock printing. Take a paintbrush to a canvas for a cherry blossom painting.  Gulf down a Japanese fruit sandwich and try a piece of candy sushi.

Get ready for a week full of cultural exploration, adventure, and fun. Dive in, register and start your journey with us today!

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