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A Day in the Life of our 2’s!

Our company mission is to Have Fun, Be Kind and Do Our Best!

In our 18month to 2 year old class having fun is par for the course! Our Daily Schedule is strategically designed to alternate between teacher-led activities and child-directed activities, as well as group instruction and one on one instruction.

In our Junior Olympic Room, we harbor a classroom culture of kindness by incorporating activities that develop students peer to peer communication, utilizing re-direction and taking the time to acknowledge everyone’s feelings. The 18 month-36 month stage is one in which children learn by example. Our teachers model kindness in how they communicate with the students and each other in the classroom.

As a STEAM school (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art Design and Math), we Do Our Best each day by focusing on your child’s education too. Age appropriate activities for each of the above, in addition to pre-writing, pre-reading, music and gross motor development are worked into each day!


Meet the Teacher

Hi! I am Ms. Rosa and I am the lead teacher in the JO Room. I grew up in Houston, Texas and graduated from Tomball High School.

I have been teaching preschool to infants and toddlers for the last 5 years and I LOVE my job. My favorite aspect of working in the classroom is teaching children new things and watching the look on their face for that first time experience. Probably why I love the JO Room the best…everything is new and everything is amazing! In our class we love to get our hands (and arms and face and everything) dirty as we learn through play!

What I love about working at K2 is that our peers and management team have a great “work family” relationship, everyone supports and believes in each other and we all care for our students with an attitude of unconditional love. Being in a supportive work environment makes the job even more enjoyable.

I am the proud mom of a beautiful 2 year old daughter and I live in the Cypress area.


Junior Olympic Room Pricing

Pricing includes lunch on Friday  and gymnastics class on Tuesday and Wednesday.



$38 (Family Max of $76) 
SUPPLY FEE $200 (ANNUAL) $200 (ANNUAL) $175 (ANNUAL) $175 (ANNUAL)
6:30AM-6:30PM $980 mo $890 mo $785 mo $685 mo
9:00AM-4:00PM $855 mo $750 mo $615 mo $500 mo
9:00AM-2:00PM $700 mo $590 mo $504 mo $340 mo


How is my child doing?

What did you child do today? Now you will always know. Photos and videos of your child will be emailed to you each night. Daily reports keep you informed of the daily activities and learning experiences that happen while you are at work or home.

Sample Tadpoles report
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My childs progress:

How is my child progressing? We will let you know with our age
appropriate assessments report.

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