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A day in the life of our 3-4’s!

At K2 our mission is to Have Fun, Be Kind and Do Your Best! At 3 and 4 years old your little one has just entered the “magic years!” Where they magically start to listen and understand you more, wink wink, but their imagination is running wild! We use a lot of dramatic play to teach and Have Fun with our students!

We also start to see our 3 year old’s transition from independent and parallel play to associative play. We strongly encourage this method of play with our 3’s as it leads to language development, socialization, problem solving and cooperation.

In our Lonestar Room we instill a classroom culture of community and kindness by working in activities that reward team work and sharing of supplies. We also use daily helpers, in roles such as Circle Time Helper, Door/Light Helper, Line Leader and, my ultimate favorite, Lunch Time Helper. When it’s your turn to be lunchtime helper all the students go around the room and get a chance to say what they LOVE about you! As the year progresses, it is truly awesome to see their friendships grow!

Subjects as well as Reading, Writing, Spanish, Music and PE, in our Bronze Room curriculum is very well-rounded. The classroom schedule alternates between teacher-led and child-directed activities as well as large group and small group instruction. In the Lonestar Room we introduce centers. During centers time children work in small groups in designated areas with certain academic goals. One station is teacher led, while the others give the children independent time to master skills we are teaching in large group.


Meet the Teacher

Hi! My name is Mrs. Janet Morris and I am the lead teacher in the Bronze room. I have been working in the childcare industry for over 10 years! My family and I moved to Cypress 10 years ago and I was raised in the Humble area. I am married to my husband Sandy and together we have four children: One who is currently a competitive gymnast here at K2.

This will be my eighth year teaching at K2! I am passionate about teaching preschool because seeing life through the eyes of a child reminds me how awesome it is! I love being creative in my job each day and having the opportunity to help your little one to: Have Fun, Be Kind and Do their Best!



Lonestar Room Pricing

Pricing includes lunch on Wednesday and Friday (Summer ONLY) and gymnastics class on Tuesday and Wednesday.


 Pricing: Sept 2022 – August 2023

$38 (Family Max of $76) 
6:30AM-6:30PM $1015 mo $920 mo $805 mo
9:00AM-4:00PM $895 mo $790 mo $640 mo


How’s my child doing?

What did your child do today? Now you will always know. Photos and videos of your child will be emailed to you each night. Daily reports keep you informed of the daily activities and learning experiences that happen while you are at work or home.

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