K2 Campus Monarch and Magnolia Rooms

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A day in the life of our 4-5 year olds!

Our Magnolia nd Monarch rooms are designed for children that will attend kindergarten the upcoming school year.  In the these rooms, students attend  4 or 5 days a week to allow for a faster-paced learning environment.

The classes follows our curriculum and a weekly gymnastics class. In the Monarch and Magnolia Rooms we have FUN with weekly science experiments and hands on learning like taking care of our school garden!

Our students are given daily jobs (such as door holder, lunch helper, line leader, center checker) to teach responsibility. As a member of our “classroom family” these jobs help each child play a role in our classrooms success for the day! As our kiddos are playing together, forming friendships and learning to resolve conflict, our teachers are here to guide them to be kind and respectful. Raising kids that are KIND carries just as much weight at K2 as academics.

We do our BEST to prepare your student for Kindergarten. Our classroom environment, as well as our academic goals, will make for a smooth transition next year to elementary school.




Meet the teacher:

My name is Nelly Pickett, and I’m so glad to be a teacher in the Gold Room this year! This will be my second year to teach Pre-K and in the past year I’ve been a teacher in the JO and Bronze Rooms Rooms here at K2. I was born in Finland and grew up moving around the world and am multilingual in Finnish, Swedish, and English. We settled down here in Cypress, Texas in 2001. I have a B.A. in English and five children ages 11 to 18. As a family, we love to cheer each other on at sports (Team Gymnastics at K2 and Hockey at the Aerodrome), and we enjoy exploring the outdoors (We <3 geocaching!). Working in the nurturing and loving environment at K2, where children’s minds and self-confidence are built up through play-based learning is such a blessing. I’m excited to learn and explore with your children this year!


Monarch and Magnolia Room Pricing

Price includes lunch on Friday, Genesis Reading Class on Monday and Gymnastics class on Thursday.

Pricing: Sept 2022 – August 2023

$40 (Family Max of $80) 
6:30AM-6:30PM $990 mo $895 mo $795 mo
9:00AM-4:00PM $880 mo $775 mo $635 mo


How is my child doing?

What did you child do today? Now you will always know. Photos and videos of your child will be emailed to you each night. Daily reports keep you informed of the daily activities and learning experiences that happen while you are at work or home.

Sample Tadpoles report
(sent daily upon checkout via email)

My childs progress:

How is my child progressing? We will let you know with our age
appropriate assessments report.

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