‘Bounce into Summer: High-Flying Fun at our K2 Campus Olympic Adventure Summer Camp!

February 1st, 2024

10 Reasons why “K2 Campus: Olympic Adventure” is where your kids should be this summer!

Reason 3: Trampolines!

‘Summer is coming, and it’s time for your young ones to swap their screens for some high-flying, adrenaline-pumping fun at K2 Campus: Olympic Adventure Summer Camp! Our camp is brimming with exciting activities, all designed to keep the kiddos entertained while they flex their muscles and learn new skills.

Our 10,000sq ft gym is the highlight of K2 and the TRAMPOLINES are just ONE aspect of FUN to be had!  Here, your children can spend their days bouncing, twisting and turning in the air on our super fun trampolines. We have a variety of trampolines to cater to all skill levels – from in-ground models and tumble tracks for beginners to mini tramps for the more adventurous campers.

Our K2 Campus: Olympic Adventure Summer Camp isn’t just about fun and games. It’s an arena where your kids can challenge themselves, learn discipline, and build resilience. Every jump is a lesson in focus, every twist a test of agility, and every fall a lesson in getting back up and trying again.

But what about safety, you ask? Worry not! At K2, safety is our top priority. Our well-trained teachers are always present to ensure your little camper is safe while they are bouncing their day away.

So, are you ready to give your child a Summer they will not forget? Then sign up for K2 Campus: Olympic Adventure Summer Camp!

CURRENT MEMBERS can register as early as February 12th!  Open Registration for the general public will begin March 4th. 

Click HERE for more information and get ready to launch your child into a Summer filled with fun, learning, and of course, lots of bouncing!

To wrap it up, K2 Campus: Olympic Adventure Summer Camp is not just a camp. It’s a high-flying adventure that promises a bouncing good time for your child. So, are you ready to take this leap of faith with us? We guarantee it’ll be worth it!’

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