K2 Olympic Adventure Summer Camp: June 17-21, Week 3: Going, Going, Gone!

April 17th, 2024

Week 3: Olympic Adventure Summer Camp… Going, Going, Gone: Unveiling the Forgotten Sports of the Olympics!

Once upon a time, the Olympic Games brought to life an array of sports, many of which have now faded into history. Since the pioneering games in Athens in 1896, several sports have had their moments in the Olympic sun, only to be retired. This summer, two more sports, baseball and karate, will join the ranks of the discontinued.

However, we believe that every sport deserves its moment, no matter its status on the Olympic stage. That is why, during Week 3 of our Olympic Adventure Summer Camp, we’ll be honoring these forgotten sports in a fun and engaging way.

**The Spirit of the Forgotten Games**

At our Olympic Adventure Summer Camp, we passionately feel that each sport, regardless of its status, carries a wealth of lessons and experiences for our campers. Therefore, we’re dedicated to bringing them back to life in a unique, engaging, and adventurous way.

**The Forgotten Games Line-up**

Our line-up for the week will include this years absent baseball, softball and karate, along with other sports that have been discontinued from the Olympics. This is a golden opportunity for our campers to delve into these sports, learn about their history, and understand why they were important in shaping the Olympics as we know it today.

**Stand-Out and Stand-Up for Forgotten Sports**

Our call for action is simple. We invite you to join us for an exciting week of exploration into the world of discontinued Olympic sports.

At the end of the day, every sport has its own story, character, and magic to offer. As we travel back in time to honor these forgotten sports, our campers will not only enjoy the games but also appreciate the rich history and spirit of the Olympics. Come, embark on this adventurous journey with us and celebrate the true spirit of sportsmanship!

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